“Horse Logic Professional products sure help keep my horses healthy. I started using products from John Ewing Company a few years ago because of the quality and variety. Thanks John Ewing Company! I have one less worry; my horse’s health.”
— Sabra O’Quinn

“I am a huge fan of Horse Logic Professional and their products. Most of our horses are on Professional’s Edge™. The horses love it and I know they are getting what they need. It is also very convenient to take to shows, not to mention there is very little waste from the packaging compared to other brands. This is a great product with great customer service behind it. I would encourage anyone to give it a try!”
— Kelly McDowall, McDowall Quarter Horses

“High Impact keeps my performance horses healthy, strong and looking good through the stress of training and showing. I saw an obvious difference within 90 days of starting on it, and Horse Logic Professional continues to help them maintain optimum energy and endurance without making them hot.”
— Lance Shockley, TBR Ranch

“I find Horse Logic Professional products produce positive results in a short period of time and my horses love them! I am most impressed with the many years of scientific research that goes into each high-quality product. “
— Gigi Brittain

“We are so amazed with the results we have seen in our horses performance and conditioning since starting with Horse Logic Professional.”
— Paul Rohrbach, Wells Bridge Farm

“I am so excited to discover Horse Logic Professional’s line of products. My horses look great & feel even better! It puts my mind at east knowing that HLP manufactures all of their own products and that they work closely with Veterinarians and Equine Nutritionists for research and development. I never have to worry about over or under-supple-menting my horses. One less concern to think about & now I can concentrate on more training!”
— Dehlia Sutton

I’ve never seen a supplement that so dramatically improves every aspect of a horse’s life. Horse Logic Professional products make an indisputable difference in the way that our horses look, feel and perform.”
— Chad Evans, Evans Performance Horses

“Prior to starting our horses on Horse Logic Professional products, we struggled with injuries, ulcers and colic issues.  The Horse Logic Professional combo products have proven to do an incredible job of helping us to avoid those issues, while also improving the overall health of our animals.  It just makes sense to give these horses the best chance of staying healthy from the beginning, and Horse Logic Professional products do just that.”
— Gayle Scharf

“With professional quality products and superior customer service, Horse Logic Professional adds incredible value to my training program. My horses always eat the product, and I know that they are benefitting from it, as evidenced by amazing results in our training program and the show arena.”
— Jeff Burley, Peak Peformance Horses

“I rely on Horse Logic Professional products in my daily training program. I use the Training Elite on horses whose minds get busy. I find that this product relaxes them, allowing each of them to perform at their peak levels. I use the MusclePRO on my halter horses; it gives them a good appetite and adds body mass. The horses like the taste of the pellet and ingest the entire supplement.”
— Heather Young

I have been around horses all my life, and I’ve used and respected John Ewing Company products for all of my horses’ needs. I train and raise barrel racing horses; high performance athletes that require perfectly formulated supplements. Horses are large animals, but are very delicate when it comes to their feeding programs. I want the best for them so that they can perform to their optimal ability, and Horse Logic Professional products continuously provide that edge for all of my horses. Thank you, Horse Logic Professional, for helping to meet each one of my horses’ special needs.

— Marlene McRae, World Champion Barrel Racer

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