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Kayla Sneed

My horse thanks Horse Logic!

My mare has suffered from gastric ulcers, especially in times of stress and travel. My vet recommended Horse Logic GastroPro and it has been amazing- the results are REAL. No longer cinchy, sensitive, and uncomfortable. Haven’t had to treat with omeprazole & she has maintained well on the maintenance dose! I am SO happy with this product and Pepper thanks… READ MORE “My horse thanks Horse Logic!”

Addi Bennett

GastroPro Works!

I had been dealing with my barrel futurity mare being super moody and a pain to saddle. After a vet appointment, she was diagnosed as having ulcers. I treated her for ulcers and my vet also suggested she be put on GastroPro from Horse Logic Professional for maintenance. She has been on it for over 2 months now and I… READ MORE “GastroPro Works!”

Lindsay Seligman

A Night & Day Difference Product Change

I started using Horse Logic on 3 of my performance horses 3 months ago! Wish I would have known the great effect it has on my 3 horses a long time ago.
My 17 yr old Cutting Mare has a coat shine of a 5 yr old. I have her on the Professional Edge. Her feet are so healthy… READ MORE “A Night & Day Difference Product Change”

Danielle Bolte

A supplement Rusty will eat!

Rusty is my upper level eventer. With the work he does, an electrolyte supplement is a necessity. Unfortunately, he’s a very picky eater and particularly does not like powders – and most electrolytes are powdered! Elisabeth recommended the HorseLogic products to me, and arranged for us to get a sample to try. Thankfully Rusty eats these electrolytes, since we were… READ MORE “A supplement Rusty will eat!”

Elizabeth "Libby" Champagne

Amazing Results For My Amazing Horse

I would like to begin by saying that as an amateur rider, I have tried almost every supplement under the sun. This trainer says this one, but this friend recommends that one….. You all know the cycle. All we are trying to do is provide our four-legged friends with the best nutritional support we can. Well, I can say with… READ MORE “Amazing Results For My Amazing Horse”

Brenda Eberhardt

Support Pro is awesome!

Our 17.1 hand PRE mare is a fabulous mare. She does have a little extra personality & pzazz, she can also be a little spooky mostly at nonexistent things. I want to tell you what a difference the Support Pro has made in her attitude and apparently her eyesight. She has been very focused & well behaved, having only been… READ MORE “Support Pro is awesome!”

Donna McArthur


Before we started our racehorses on the supplements they looked ok and trained ok! After only a week or so their hair coat brightened. They were good eaters but after the supplements, they’ really cleaned up everything. They bounced back faster after a race or work. We’re eager to train. Even the ones who needed that extra boost were stronger.… READ MORE “Results!!!”

Sarah Vincent

I have a new horse!

My gelding was easily spooked and nervous. I treated him with healthy gut and he was a new horse! Calm, not spooky and had a successful show season without the use of calming pastes!

Sue Kapushion

really happy with the product

we switched over from another product to Horse logic and have been signing up our clients one by one ever since. Its a great product. Easy to manage and the customer support is phenomenal.

Nicole Jones

A game changer!

After using Horse Logic Professional Calming Pro Pellets my mare has been so much easier to work with and keep her focus. Really a game changer!

Susan Reschar

I have a 15 yr.

I have a 15 yr. old QH that had a separation in the hock. He was walking 3-legged for at least a month. He had already been on Cosequin for at least 2 years and I was not seeing any results. I work at Urbana Veterinary Clinic in Urbana Ohio and I spoke with Dr. Kari McManus regarding this issue.… READ MORE “I have a 15 yr.”

Melissa Kelly

6 Month Difference!

When we first got my daughter’s Retired Racehorse Project thoroughbred, he was track fit, but he was skinny and his feet were in bad shape. We put front shoes on him and made sure to put a supplement for his hooves, the Horse Logic Professional Choice. He never loses a shoe and his feet are now in great shape. We… READ MORE “6 Month Difference!”

Lindsay Seligman

Look at Her Shine

Within in weeks I seen a huge significant change in my 17 year old cutting mare with her on Horse Logic Products. I have had her on the Horse Logic Professional Edge since August 2019.
My mare ( Bailey) had a attitude change of willingness to work. I could tell in her body language she was feeling a lot… READ MORE “Look at Her Shine”

Robin Kern

A game changer!

This product has made it possible for my daughter to help in the training of her pony. She is enjoying riding her everyday!

Robin Kern

Game changer!

This product has been amazing! Allowing my 12 year old to ride her pony during training and succeed!

Bailey long


I have given my head horse the joint pro for over a year and have seen the best results from it! I later started him on the professional’s edge to try and help keep his ulcers under control as well as his arthritis. I had spent a ridiculous amount of money on on ulcer medication for him until I started… READ MORE “NO MORE ULCERS!”

Caitlin Cregg

Thank you Anna!

My 10-year-old Argentine Gelding developed arthritis in both his front right knee and left hock. At the time he was diagnosed, he was still relatively young and put a damper on our future together as he is a performance horse and purchased for the use of polo. Prior to putting him through injections, I wanted to try all other areas… READ MORE “Thank you Anna!”

Lindsay Coil

DailyPRO and GrowPRO are worth their weight in gold!

In 2018 I bred my mare, who is off the track and is typically a hard keeper. At that time was using a different supplement. She coliced three times that year! Twice before she foaled and once after she had the baby. The last being the worst. We got her through them and everything was fine. I decided to breed… READ MORE “DailyPRO and GrowPRO are worth their weight in gold!”

Andrea Butler

Really works!

I started my mare on respiratory pro as she is at a barn that is fairly dusty, and was starting to cough when ridden in the indoor arena. My friend recommended horse logic so I decided to try it out, and am am so glad I did!! She never coughs and I know it has been the reason why. Highly,… READ MORE “Really works!”

Janney Carlson

Thank you Gigi!

I ended up taking a lesson from Gigi shortly after getting an OTTB who had raced 4 of his 7 years of life. After the lesson she pulled me aside to tell me what she noticed from the ground….tension, tightness through back and anxiety. All fairly typical signs of overall distress, especially in an OTTB. But I didn’t know where… READ MORE “Thank you Gigi!”

The Key To Our Success!

We at Hartley DeRenzo thoroughbreds love the fact that”The Next Stage” combo daily packs are individually portioned with the essential supplements needed for our horses in every stage of training . Horse logic is the ONLY supplement used in our thoroughbred training program. We feel that “The Next Stage” packets is the key to our past, present and future success… READ MORE “The Key To Our Success!”