Thank you Gigi!

I ended up taking a lesson from Gigi shortly after getting an OTTB who had raced 4 of his 7 years of life. After the lesson she pulled me aside to tell me what she noticed from the ground….tension, tightness through back and anxiety. All fairly typical signs of overall distress, especially in an OTTB. But I didn’t know where to begin. She suggested trying the Support Pro Combo pack. After about a month of consistent use I saw a remarkable improvement. Even my veterinarian and close friends noticed how much happier he seemed and how healthy he looked. He is building muscle in all the right places and eating and drinking well. I have now been using it for almost a year and it is a fixture in my feed program. So much so that when I acquired another OTTB I immediately started her on the same Combio pack. Thank you Gigi!!