Amazing Results For My Amazing Horse

Cody Tromler

I would like to begin by saying that as an amateur rider, I have tried almost every supplement under the sun. This trainer says this one, but this friend recommends that one….. You all know the cycle. All we are trying to do is provide our four-legged friends with the best nutritional support we can. Well, I can say with 100% satisfaction, that I have completed my seemingly endless search for the perfect supplement!!!!!

Thanks to my wonderful friend and “long-distance trainer”, Gigi Brittain, I am completely sold on HorseLogic Supplements. Gigi traveled to Montana to provide a clinic and introduced me to the line of products. Since then, I haven’t even wanted to look back. I started my mare on the Training Elite line, and have seen amazing results. She maintains her topline, has a beautiful coat, strong hooves, and a more even temperament (for those of us who can appreciate the red-headed mare!) Hehe!! She also has a faster “recovery” from tougher workouts. My mare can’t wait to gobble this down and there is never a worry of any leftovers.

Without a doubt, I have ended my quest and have chosen to give my mare the best supplements on the market. Thank you Horse Logic for your endless research in order to provide the best for our animals!!!! I know I’m not the only horse owner who appreciates it. And a huge heartfelt THANK YOU to Gigi Brittain for representing a wonderful product and for being a one-in-a-million trainer and friend!!!