A Night & Day Difference Product Change

Cody Tromler

I started using Horse Logic on 3 of my performance horses 3 months ago! Wish I would have known the great effect it has on my 3 horses a long time ago.
My 17 yr old Cutting Mare has a coat shine of a 5 yr old. I have her on the Professional Edge. Her feet are so healthy with moisture and the best part I just had her scooped last week and she is fully ulcer free. My 17 spends most of her time in her stall and she never comes out stiff or shows any sign of stiffness. She spends a lot of time on the road and the Horse Logic Professional Edge is keeping her stay healthy and strong.

My other 2 performance horses are my Barrel Horses. One is 7 the other one 6. The 7 yr old is on the hemp pro for almost 4 months. Beyond ecstatic how it’s mellowed him out and how he can focus more in the ring and show pen. Plus it helps keep him feeling good in his joints.
My 6yr old is on the daily pro & digestive pro for the past 3 months. I’m switching her to the Complete Wellness + Joint 6 in 1 next month. Her mane & tall have grown like I put miracle grow on it. Her coat is silky mane & tall are silky shiny smooth!! I could go on & on how wonderful your products are. Wish I would have known about them sooner instead of spending on junk that didn’t work. It’s like a night and day difference!