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Complete joint, hoof, and muscle support for the serious equine athlete

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Product Details

JointPRO 6in1

Scientifically formulated six-in-one combination to maintain healthy joints and connective tissue.

JointPRO 6in1 provides joint support for hard working horses. Ultra-purified Glucosamine, Ultra-purified Chondroitin Sulfate, Collagen, Bromelain, MSM, and Green Lipped Mussel for the ultimate in equine joint care.


Use to improve cracking, crumbling or delaminating hooves.

HoofPRO gives chipped, cracked, crumbling and delaminating hooves the intensive care they need … from the inside. HoofPRO is a proprietary blend of d-biotin (a B-vitamin vital to hoof health), DL-methionine and L-lysine (essential amino acids), plus the minerals calcium, phosphorus, zinc methionine complex, and proteinated manganese and copper to maximize bio-availability.


Promotes relaxation and reduces hyperactivity. Helps nervous, high-strung, or muscle-tight horses.

DigestivePRO helps re-flourish bacteria to ensure healthy digestion. DigestivePRO is superior to other probiotics because it has a larger colony county per serving, microencapsulated bacteria for easier absorption, viable yeast cells and supplemental enzymes. Consider using DigestivePRO for:

  • Colic prevention
  • After medications or deworming
  • During travel & stressful situations

Use to maintain superior health and condition in horses of all ages.

A concentrated vitamin/mineral supplement for all classes of horses, designed to keep horses in TOP condition. Quite possibly the world’s best daily equine vitamin and mineral supplement.


A natural supplement to support muscle growth.

MusclePRO is a combination of four natural nutrients that work synergistically to encourage the metabolic reactions required for muscle growth and development.


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28-Day Supply (Daily Packs) – REFILL BOX – Wholesale, 28-Day Supply (Daily Packs) – REFILL BOX, 25 LB Bag

Guaranteed AnalysisPer lbPer 6oz Serving
Protein (min)19.5%26 g
Fat (min)0.9%1.5g
Fiber (max)14.5%25 g
Calcium (min) 1.75%1.5 g
Calcium (max)2.25%1.9 g
Phosphorus (min) 2.0%1.7 g
Salt(min)None AddedNone Added
Sodium (min) 1.0%0.8 g
Sodium (max) 1.5%1.2 g
Potassium (min) 1.00%0.8 g
Magnesium (min)0.60%0.05g
Copper (min) 380 ppm32 mg
Zinc (min) 3,040 ppm259 mg
Manganese (min) 1,215 ppm100 mg
Iron (min)2,580 ppm220 mg
Vitamin A (min) 270,000 IU50,625 IU
Vitamin D (min) 47,000 IU8,800 IU
Vitamin E (min)260 IU48 IU
*vitamin C (min)30 mg 5 mg
Riboflavin (min)212mg 40 mg
*choline (min)1,498 mg280 mg
*Niacin (min)1,310 mg245 mg
*d-Pantothenic Acid (min)152mg 28 mg
*vitamin B6 (min)198mg 37 mg
*Folic Acid (min)6mg 1.12 mg
*vitamin B12 (min) 2mg 0.375 mg
Biotin (min) 107 mg20mg
Thiamine (min)70 mg13 mg
DL-Methionine (min) 5,902 mg1,106 mg
L-Lysine (min)28,000 mg5,300 mg
*MSM5,000 mg
*Glucosamine4,500 mg
·collagen3,200 mg
*Green Lipped Mussel1,860 mg
*Chondroitin260 mg
*Bromelain100 mg
·Proprietary Blend (Gamma Oryzanol, Creatine Monohydrate,
1,000 mg
*not recognized as essential nutrients by the AAFCO Equine Nutrient Profiles