MultiFly Feed-Thru Fly Control for Horses


Highly palatable feed additive to prevent the development of stable flies and house flies in the manure of treated horses.

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MultiFly Feed-Thru Fly Control for Horses is safe for all horses including pregnant mares, stallions, foals, minis, etc.  MultiFly Feed-Thru contains an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), Novaluron, that dramatically reduces the number of house and stable flies in the manure by interrupting the fly life cycle and preventing immature flies from developing into adults.

As existing adults die off, the overall fly population is significantly reduced within 2 weeks.  Start feeding in spring before flies begin to appear.  MultiFly Feed-Thru Fly Control for Horses should be used as part of an integrated pest management program and should be used throughout the fly season.  Novaluron is not an organophosphate, and can be safely used in a pest control program for horses and their environment.

This highly palatable alfalfa and wheat midd-based pellet is top-dressed onto your horse’s feed.  Dosing is simple, feed one scoop (.88 oz.) per day for horses of all ages.


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Active Ingredient% by Weight
Other Ingredients**99.5%
*Contains 2.27 gms of novaluron per pound
**Refers only to ingredients which are not larvicidal. See Feed Ingredients.
Feed Ingredients: Wheat Middling, Alfalfa Dehydrated, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride and Calcium Propionate (preservative)