A topical joint and muscle liniment proven to provide relief to horses that suffer from pain and stiffness related to demanding workouts. Can be applied daily, pre- and post-workout.


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Does your horse have sore muscles and stiff joints from rigorous exercise? Does your senior horse demonstrate signs of lameness? InMOTIONPRO is formulated with bio-active lipids extracted from Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) that have been proven to have a profound and measurable effect in reducing lameness in horses. The combination of Green Lipped Mussel, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and menthol provide a synergistic healing benefit to the horse.

Sustained release, localized delivery system penetrates the muscle through the skin surface and provides rapid results. An independently conducted transdermal study* on horses (displaying various levels of lameness) revealed that all horses which received Green Lipped Mussel topical liniment demonstrated dramatic improvement in lameness as measured by the Flexion Score. Of the horses tested, 50% improved within 24 hours of initial application, and all demonstrated increased velocity in one or both directions within 48 hours.

*Bionovate Scientific Review, an independent double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial on lameness of horses. Imperial College of London, Wye Campus

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