woman running barrels on sorrel horse

Sabra O'Quinn

Barrel Racer

“Formula 707 Professional products sure help keep my horses healthy. I started using products from John Ewing Company a few years ago because of the quality and variety. Thanks John Ewing Company! I have one less worry; my horse’s health.”

woman smiling on giant chestnut dressage horse

Gigi Brittain

Gigi Brittain Dressage

“I find Formula 707 Professional products produce positive results in a short period of time and my horses love them! I am most impressed with the many years of scientific research that goes into each high-quality product. “

AQHA World show 2019 championship photo

Kelly McDowall

McDowall Quarter Horses

“I am a huge fan of Formula 707 Professional and their products. Most of our horses are on Professional’s Edge™. The horses love it and I know they are getting what they need. It is also very convenient to take to shows, not to mention there is very little waste from the packaging compared to other brands. This is a great product with great customer service behind it. I would encourage anyone to give it a try!”

man smiling next to racehorse

D. Wayne Lukas

D. Wayne Lukas Racing

Hall of famer D. Wayne Lukas knows what it takes to achieve success. Possibly the most decorated trainer of all time, he demands excellence in all aspects of his program. Mr. Lukas trusts his supplement needs to Formula 707 Professional.

woman running barrels on sorrel horse

Christine DeRenzo

Professional Barrel Racer

"I absolutely love 'The Next Stage' combo daily packs! Formula 707 Professional has strategically formulated these packs with the necessary ingredients to keep my horses performing at their best! As a professional barrel racer, I truly believe the combo daily packs are not only great for their joints and feet, but helps keep their muscles toned and some extra weight whiel on the road! 'The Next Stage' is a convenient way of feeding and a huge part of our success!"

couple next to horses

Dean DeRenzo

Hartley/DeRenzo Thoroughbreds

"We at Hartley DeRenzo Thoroughbreds love the fact that 'The Next Stage' combo daily packs are individually portioned with the essential supplements needed for our horses in every stage of training. Formula 707 Professional is the ONLY supplement used in our thoroughbred training program. We feel that 'The Next Stage' packets are the key to our past, present, and future success and provides the overall health needed in our program!"

man on bay horse jumping large jump

Paul Rohrbach

Wells Bridge Farm

“We are so amazed with the results we have seen in our horses performance and conditioning since starting with Formula 707 Professionall.”

man on grey horse circling black calf

Cody Crow

No Where But Up Performance Horses

"Formula 707 Professional products are the correct equine supplements for both non-pros and trainers. Being able to mix and match their different products or choose from one of their proven combinations gives you variety to fit your horse's needs and you'll see the results you're striving for. Formula 707 Professional's convenient daily individual packages make graining as simple and correct as you can get."

man riding reining horse in large fast circle

Lance Shockley

TBR Ranch

“High Impact keeps my performance horses healthy, strong and looking good through the stress of training and showing. I saw an obvious difference within 90 days of starting on it, and Formula 707 Professional continues to help them maintain optimum energy and endurance without making them hot.”

man in cowboy hat holding racehorse

Larry Jones

Thoroughbred Racing

“I put Battle of the Bulge on Professional's Edge and then Super Steed. I was so pleased with the results I now have my whole barn on it. Formula 707 Professional working its best!"

woman riding and patting dun ranch horse

Janiejill Tointon

The Diamond Double T Ranch

"Shining Lil Nic is an AQHA Stallion with over $157,000 LTE in NRCHA and the sire of many champions. Formula 707 Professional has contributed to Nic becoming a very sound, healthy horse again. He has come out of retirement to carry me at 60, to win our Non-Pro Division. As a Breeder and Non-Pro Exhibitor I rely on Formula 707 Professional to give my horses a boost in the show pen."

woman jumping appaloosa on cross country church

Dehlia Sutton

Plain View Equestrian

“I am so excited to discover Formula 707 Professional’s line of products. My horses look great & feel even better! It puts my mind at east knowing that 707 manufactures all of their own products and that they work closely with Veterinarians and Equine Nutritionists for research and development. I never have to worry about over or under-supple-menting my horses. One less concern to think about & now I can concentrate on more training!”

man on bay quarter horse wearing champion ribbon

Chad Evans

Evans Performance Horses

"I’ve never seen a supplement that so dramatically improves every aspect of a horse’s life. Formula 707 Professional products make an indisputable difference in the way that our horses look, feel and perform.”